Health and safety    Regulations    A short guide A short guide to  personal      Protective   equipment at work An introduction to     health and safety COSHH  A brief guide to the        regulations Manual handling assessment charts Health and safety information hsc13 ok 1.pdf indg136ok 5.pdf indg383ok 7.pdf These information sheets/leaflets are all downloadable for your convenience.  Just click on the item required, click on file, then  “save as” and download to your hard disc. These leaflets are reproduced here by kind permission  of H.S.E. for your  safety, and that of your employees.  Please use them as required indg174ok 2.pdf RIDDOR        Reporting of         Injuries,        Deaseases and                   Dangerous               Occurancies        Regulations misc310ok 4.pdf A guide to risk         Assessment        requirements indg218ok 6.pdf

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